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20 May 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Pull the ripcord, the ship has lost its sail  
(a word of caution: this is terribly incoherent, nonsensical, rambly prose. if you like dealings with straight line graphs and data sampling and figures to three decimal places - not for you.)

well, anyway.

I am tired - really, honestly, hideously exhausted. It's like the past 5 years of non-stop madness and just charging full speed ahead has finally caught up, and my body is taking revenge for all the times I forgot to eat/ was too busy to eat/ overdosed on coffee/ worked through the night etc. And it's bad. Very, very bad. Especially so when you have CT2s (*&#$@!^%!) in two weeks.

The CC is finally in (cue collective TSD kid sigh) and probably on its way to Pymm and England soon-ish. Somehow the joy of handing it up never really set in. Probably has something to do with the H3 deadline next week...oh, boy. Doomed. Absolutely.

......ah, bugger this.

(some quick notes, because prose really is tedious)

1. i really really really love A12
2. floorball final = nail-bitingly good.
3. this is turning out to be the Year of Dissent. a good thing.
4. the parents talked me into reconsidering law school. not sure if this is a good thing.
5. although i mightn't get there because at the rate i'm going, cts = trash
6. thursday afternoon ice cream appointments with dweeb = awesome
7. still trapped in writing limbo. mild panic.
8. i'm not as excited or prepared for YOG as i should be
9. just spent dinner trapped across the table from the dad's scary Norwegian ex-colleagues, one of whom resembles Count Olaf and the other, Baba Yaga meets Cruella de Vil meets Miranda Priestly. Quite alarming.
10. arts fac is amazing. TED talks, our own shirt, we too cool for school yo.

every day i dream about running away to vienna and sitting by a fountain amidst cobbled streets and pigeons and tattered poetry books, browned and chafing at the spines, singing, singing from the alcoves of second-hand stores.

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